FNWC_Paper_001 (Jumoke Soyemi & Olugbenga B. Soyemi)
Fostering Female Participation in Science and Technology Through Enhanced Curriculum Delivery Using Information Technology
FNWC_Paper_002 (Adeola Ademola & Ajetunmobi David)
Small Business and Entrepreneurship for Economic Sustainability
FNWC_Paper_003 (Odunayo, Esther Oduntan & Ebison, A. F.)
Analysis of the Factors Responsible for Gender Difference in Programming:A tool for Sustainable Development
FNWC_Paper_004 (Olugbemi-Adesipe T.I)
Antimicrobial Activity of Aqueous Extract of Unripe Pawpaw Peel Against Escherichia coliBacillusspp
FNWC_Paper_005 (Ruth Okeze & David Ajetunmobi)
Roles of Women in Technological Change, Research and Development
FNWC_Paper_006(Abosede Ifeoluwa Adelusi)
Merger and Acquisition: A Tool for Growth and Profitability of Banks in Nigeria
FNWC_Paper_007(Iro-Idoro, Charlotte Bose & Jimoh Tajudeen Adisa)
Gender Mainstreaming in STEM and Admission Policy of Nigerian Tertiary Institutions
FNWC_Paper_008(Nwokorie, Edwin Chigozie & Ayogu, Chinwe Anthonia)
Sensory Assessment and Acceptability of Two Varieties of Jollof Rice for Sale to Inbound Tourists in Nigeria
FNWC_Paper_009(Irivboje, O. A. & Olufayo, O. O)
Effect of Feeding Time on Laying Performance of Broiler Breeders Raised Under Tropical Environment
FNWC_Paper_010 (Adewole Adekanmi & Abdussalam Fatimah O.)
Effect of Nutrition on Schistosomiasis Infection Among Primary School Pupils of Ebute-Igbooro, Yewa North Local Government
FNWC_Paper_011(Buoye P. A. & Ojuawo O.O)
Academic Performance and Lower Admittance of Female Students: A Comparative Study of Computer Science Department of Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro
FNWC_Paper_012(Jenfa, D. M & Akinrinde, I. M)
Functional Properties and Sensory Quality of Bambara Groundnut and Cowpea Flour for Ekuru Production
FNWC_Paper_013 (Okparavero, O. O & Coker, T. A)
Poultry Manure Rate and Okra Population on Growth and Yield of Egusi Melon Intercrop
FNWC_Paper_014 (Abiaziem, F. U. & Bako, Z. F)
Effective Personal Selling Strategies as Panacea to Customer Retention in Access Bank Plc, Ilaro, Ogun State
FNWC_Paper_015(Obun-Andy, Maria Kisugu)
Women Empowerment through Entrepreneurship Development: A Vehicle for Economic Growth in Nigeria
FNWC_Paper_016(Thomas-Kuye Olufunmilayo Adedayo)
Information Literacy Skills, Computer Self-Efficacy And E-Resources Use Among Female Journalists in Ogun State
FNWC_Paper_017 (Salami, Oyindamola A)
The Application of Public Relations Tools to The General Secretarial Practice
FNWC_Paper_018 (Bashirat Abdul-Azeez)
Women in Technology: Shaping the Future
FNWC_Paper_019 (Yusuff, K. O. & Ibidapo-Obe, E. O)
Parasite Fauna of Tilapia Species in The Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (Funaab) Reservoir, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria
FNWC_Paper_020 (Ajibola Wahab and Adeola Ademola)
Causes and Effects of Gender Gap of Women in Technological, Innovation, Research and Economic Development
FNWC_Paper_021 (Oluwaseyi Aderinboye & Aderonke Solanke)
Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrophotometer (ICP-AES) Determination of Trace Elements Present in Telfairiaoccidentalis and Vernonia amygdalina
FNWC_Paper_022 (Abisoye Fafioye & Olakunle Omotayo)
Protective Role of Methanolic Extract of Gomphrena Celosiodes Leaves on Acidified Ethanol-Induced Gastric Ulcer in Male Wistar Rats.
FNWC_Paper_023 (Sadiq Ayotunde I.)
Issues and Challenges in Overcoming Cervical Cancer in Nigeria
FNWC_Paper_024(Jinadu Olayinka Taibat)
Information Re-Engineering for Economic Growth and Sustainable Development
FNWC_Paper_025 (Abisoye Fafioye & Olakunle Omotayo)
Protective Role of Methanolic Extract of Gomphrena Celosiodes Leaves on Acidified Ethanol-Induced Gastric Ulcer in Male Wistar Rats
FNWC_Paper_026 (Olufunmi T. Afolayan & Auwal M. Adamu)
Tertiary Education Student’s Perception of the Effectiveness of Mentoringin Translating Entrepreneurial Intentions to Actions in Nigeria.
FNWC_Paper_027(Olarinoye, S.B & Ayelabegan,A.B)
Tourism and the Transition Behaviour using Markov Chain
FNWC_Paper_028 (Noah, Abimbola A. & Alokun, Omotayo A)
Microbial Quality Assessment of Frozen PoultryMeat (Chicken and Turkey) Sold in Ilaro Environs
FNWC_Paper_029(Omotayo A. Alokun& Abimbola A. Noah)
Amino Acid Profile and Vitamin Determination of Date Jam
FNWC_Paper_030 (Oduwobi, E.R. &Oduwobi, O. O.)
The Effect of TV Viewing on The Social Behaviourof Children Resident in Ikosi Community Area, Ilaro
FNWC_Paper_031 (Ogunlana, O.O and Afolayan, O.A)
The Effect of Abo Blood Group Classifcationson Biochemical Markers of Healthy Adults
FNWC_Paper_032(Ahemdo Akinola)
FNWC_Paper_033 (Isaac Akindele Jolaade & James IgeOrija)
Knowledge management Environment as a Tool for Sustainable Economic Development
FNWC_Paper_034 (Dokunmu, O. O. & Ayoola M. J.)
Roles of Information Communication Technology (ICT) on Economic Development of Women in Ogun State. A study of Women in Ilaro, Yewa South Local Government (YSLG)
FNWC_Paper_035 (Iro_Idoro, Charlotte Bose &
Jimoh Ibrahim Bamidele)

Combating Sexual Harassment for Employees’ Operational Effectiveness of Women in Technical and Vocational Education in Nigeria
FNWC_Paper_036 (Ajao, Esohe & Sodipo Elizabeth Tolulope)
Implication of Sexual Harassment on the Credibility of Examination in Tertiary Institutions in Ogun State
FNWC_Paper_037 (Adegboye, O.J & Adesi, A.)
Recommender System for Class Selection in Senior Secondary Schools
FNWC_Paper_038 (Abdul, A.E & Hammed, M.)
Content Analysis of Selected Government Websites using Layne and Lee Model
FNWC_Paper_039(Raji Oladeinde Akeem & Omojola Titilayo)
Insurance asan Impetus for Economic Development in Nigeria
FNWC_Paper_040 (Ogunyemi, Olawale)
Farmers and Herdsmen Crisis: A Major Threat to Food Production in Nigeria (A Case Study OfYewa North Local Government In Ogun State)
FNWC_Paper_041 (Adedoyin A. Olasunkanmi & Olukayode O. Bankole)
Comparative In-vitro Antisickling Activities of Unripe Fruit and Leaves of Carica papaya linn
FNWC_Paper_042 (Ayozie Daniel Ogechukwu)
An Evaluation of the Role of Female in the Marketing/Field Sales Jobs in Nigeria Problems and Prospect
FNWC_Paper_043 (E. O. Fatunmbi & O. A. Sikiru)
Technological Impact of Hydromagnetic Micropolar Fluid Flow Over A Stretching Permeable Sheet with
Thermal Radiation and Joule Heating Effects
FNWC_Paper_044 (Ololade O. Adegbesan & Olufunke A. Ayegbusi)
Next Level Agenda: Engineers and Challenges of Infrastructural Development
FNWC_Paper_045 (Aluko Damilola & Aiyelabowo O. P.)
Achieving Controlled and Efficient Storage Power Replenishing in a Solar Energy System
FNWC_Paper_046 (Joshua, A. A. &Akintoye, R.O)
Electronic Banking and Customers’ Satisfaction in Ogun State Nigeria: The Customers’
FNWC_Paper_047 (Aiyelabegan, Adijat B., Adeyemi, Tajudee O. & Adeoye, Akeem O.)
The Application of Ordinary Least Square Estimation (Olse) in Studying the Effect Of Monetary Variables on The Growth of Nigeria Economy
Adaptability and Growth Performance of Different Strains of Broiler Chicken to High Temperature Variations in North Central Nigeria
FNWC_Paper_049 (Shittu, A.I)
Biological Aspects of Some Fish Species Found in Ogun River, Abeokuta, Ogun State
FNWC_Paper_050 (Aderemi DADA, Oluyemi RAJI)
Bridging the Gender Gap in Mechanical Engineering Profession in Nigeria
FNWC_Paper_051 (Abiala, Anuoluwapo F. & Ojo, A.A.)
Role of Women in Agriculture for Sustainable Economic Development: A Conceptual Review
FNWC_Paper_052 (Coker, T.A. & Obi, G.C.)
The Effect of Genetically Modifies Crops on Poultry Production (A Review)
FNWC_Paper_053 (Adewunmi Hameedat Obayomi)
Assessment of Material Nutritional Knowledge, Social-Economic Status and Nutritional Outcome of Under-five Children in Ilaro.
FNWC_Paper_054 (Johnson, A.T. & Adetula, O.A.)
Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites Among Primary School Children in Ilaro, Yewa South Local Government Area, Ogun State
FNWC_Paper_055 (N.O. Ilelaboye & T.I. Jesusina)
Proximate Composition and Energy Value of Cracker Biscuit from Okara Fortified Plantain-Sorghum Flour Blend
FNWC_Paper_056 (Ayo-Balogun & Ogunsanwo)
Contributions of Small and Medium Enterprise on the Growth of Nigeria Economy
FNWC_Paper_057 (Ajao, A.C., Adedokun, Y., Muritala, A.O. & Taiwo, K.G.)
Women in Human Resources Management and Nigerian Economic Growth
FNWC_Paper_058 (Jimoh Ibrahim Bamidele & Akapo, Felicia. B.)
Impact of Total Quality Management on Organisational Performance of Female Staff in Dangote Cement Plc. Ibeese, Ogun State
FNWC_Paper_059 (Adebowale, O.A. & Bello, Z.O.)
Low Participation of Female Gender in Science and Technology
FNWC_Paper_060 (Okafor, J.C & Adepoju, A.B.)
Dietary Pattern and Prevalence of Type II Diabetes Mellitus Among the Elderly Residing in Ilaro, Ogun State, Nigeria
FNWC_Paper_061 (Maliki, O. Taiye)
Impact of technology transfer on SME performance in Nigeria
FNWC_Paper_062 (Seyi-Gbangbayau, P.S.)
Tie & Dye as a Means of Female Gender Empowerment
FNWC_Paper_063 (Folalu, A.A.)
Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Qualitative Service Delivery in Hospitality Industry.
FNWC_Paper_064 (Sangosina, Abidemi O.)
The Menace of Candida/Vaginal Yeast Infection Among the Female Students of Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, Causes, Symptoms, Treatments and Prevention
FNWC_Paper_065 (Olabintan, Rashidat O. &Omojaro, Anthony O.)
Perceived Gender Equality and Employees’ Job Satisfaction: Evidence from May & Baker Limited, Ota
FNWC_Paper_066 (Oyebola, I.D.)
The Emergence of Women in Africa Literature – The Francophone Experience
FNWC_Paper_067 (Ezekiel Evelyn Ilamosi)
Gender Divergence and Educational Technology Integration in Secondary Schools in Ogun State
FNWC_Paper_068 (Babalola, Oluwafisayo M. &Ajibode, Comfort P.)
Study of the Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Industrial Effluents Water from Brewery Industry in Ogun State
FNWC_Paper_069 (Abiaziem C.V. & Adebisi, E.U.)
Comparative Assay of Waxes from Cassava and Sugarcane Bagasse
FNWC_Paper_070 (Akande-Adedeji Olufunke, T.)
Evaluating the Applicability of Ceramics in Outdoor Sculptures of Abeokuta Metropolis
FNWC_Paper_071 (Oyedeji, A.O., Omoyeni, O.C. &Afuye, O.O.)
Functional Properties of Protein Isolates from the Seeds of Delonix Regia (Flame of The Forest) And Lonchocarpus Sericeus (Senegal Lilac)
FNWC_Paper_072 (Oyedeji, A.O. &Odeyemi, B.A.)
Functional Properties of Starch Isolates from the Seeds of Delonix regia (Flame of the Forest) and Lonchocarpussericeus (Senegal lilac)
FNWC_Paper_073 (Olayiwola, J.O. &Onwuasoanya, N.C.)
Low level of Participation of Women in Engineering and Technology: Causes and Cure
FNWC_Paper_074 (Ajayi, Adenike Mercy &Ajibade, Olalekan Eyitayo)
Achieving Sustainability Development and Good Governance in Nigeria: The Role of Women in Technical Education
FNWC_Paper_075 (Eze Blessing Ebere & Adamu, Dahiru)
Gender and Engineering: Evolution action to Encourage Women in Engineering for Sustainable Economic Growth and Development

FNWC_Paper_076 (Oluwafunmi Adesina-Babalogbon)
Nigerian Women Workplace Rights: The Present Legal Reality
FNWC_Paper_077 (Olabode, Motunrayo Bolanle & Makinde, Wasiu Abiodun)
Gender Mainstreaming in Public Administration in Nigeria: Finding the Missing Conundrum in Public Policy
FNWC_Paper_078 (Adewole Adekanbi & Babailo Yetunde)
Knowledge and Treatment Seeking Behaviour of People in Nigeria-Benin Border Community of Oja-OdanYewa North LG, Nigeria
FNWC_Paper_079 (Akinyemi, D.S. & Kuforiji, A.E)
Strategies for Female Gender Participation in Science and Technology
FNWC_Paper_080 (Aneke, F.O)
Investigating the Factors Hindering the Growth and Development in Hospitality Industry in Abeokuta Metropolis.
FNWC_Paper_081 (Afuye, Oluseeke Folake)
Examining Emotional Exhaustion, Job Stress and Burn Out of Food and Beverage Department Employee
FNWC_Paper_082 (Edun Olayinka Modinat& Mohammed Elizabeth Tobiloba)
Socio-Pragmatic Study of Gender Language Use in Ama Ata Aido’s “Changes” and Chimamanda’s “Half of a Yellow Sun”.
FNWC_Paper_081 (Afuye, Oluseeke Folake)
Examining Emotional Exhaustion, Job Stress and Burn Out of Food and Beverage Department Employee
FNWC_Paper_082 (Edun Olayinka Modinat & Mohammed Elizabeth Tobiloba)
Socio-Pragmatic Study of Gender Language Use in Ama Ata Aido’s “Changes” and Chimamanda’s “Half of a Yellow Sun”
FNWC_Paper_083 (Jiboku, Olubisi O., Chapi, Harriet O. & Oderinde, Oluwatoyin M.)
Small Scale Business as a Tool of Enhancing Economic Growth of Rural Women in Ilaro, Yewa South Local Government, Ogun State
FNWC_Paper_084 (Adebayo Aminat A. & Oderinde Oluwafemi A.)
Acquisition of ICT Skills for Economic Development in Ogun State
FNWC_Paper_085 (Mulikat Modupe Ologunagba)
Infrastructure Development and Economic Growth: A Case Study of Owo Town
FNWC_Paper_086 (Amadi Regina Elechi)
Women in Technical Education Applicability of Modern Technology in Managing Peace and Security in Nigeria Educational Institutions
FNWC_Paper_087 (Ameh, Ngbede Otache)
Women Participation in Politics: A Booster to WITED Ideals
FNWC_Paper_088 (Degboro, O.D.)
A Discourse Analysis of Language Use in the Speeches of Selected Nigerian Women Entrepreneurs
FNWC_Paper_089 (Babatunde, M Ajose-Ismail & Ayodeji, Q. Osanyin)
Mitigating the Risk of Breast Cancer Through Early Prediction and Diagnosis using Machine Learning Algorithm
FNWC_Paper_090 (Banjo Abosede Olubunmi & Oludele, Lydia Y.)
Technical and Vocational Education and Training as a Means Tools for Creating A Production Oriented Economy in Nigeria